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If you are already on the emailing list, I will of course let you know details of upcoming events. If you are not already on the mailing list, please email me directly - or subscribe through this website:

Online Bridge Lessons & Play

I am running interactive online courses, with quizzes and play - using Zoom, BridgeBaseOnline (BBO), PowerPoint and various bridge software. It works well. All Zoom sessions are recorded so that if you miss a session you can watch/download later. I am also running live Guided Play sessions on BBO. There are FREE TRIAL TASTER sessions available. Please click on SUBSCRIBE (above) and select ONLINE BRIDGE TEACHING to receive details.

Zeb teaches (UK-style) ACOL bridge with the weak no trump.

You arrange a four to play on BBO (I can help put players together). Each week I email eight random (but duplicate) deals to the host of each table to upload to BBO. You then have a few days to play these deals under ‘exam conditions’ and send in your results, if you want to. We then go through all aspects of the bidding and play, comparing results, in the scheduled Zoom session - with a weekly winner announced. Duplicate bridge with a lesson.

8-Deal BBO runs weekly.

I am running courses for all levels including for absolute beginners, covering bidding and play – please see the current ONLINE SCHEDULE for available courses. Players receive a weekly course sheet and then have a few days to work through it. There are also four set deals to accompany each lesson which you can upload to play with friends on BBO, before we meet on Zoom to talk through the lesson, answer quizzes and ask questions.

See current schedule.

90 minute supervised play sessions on BBO for up to four tables. The deals are themed and the same at each table, with everyone getting a share of the deals. Players can ask questions, have undos and are guided to the intended contract, with some guidance for play and defence. There are four sessions each week, with one session reserved for less experienced players. Sessions are pre-booked for the following week.

Guided Play runs weekly.

LEARN AT HOME: Compass Cards

If you are learning and playing face-to-face, as a four with friends, play with Compass Cards, special packs with set deals.
Accompanying each pack of CCs is a course booklet and (coming soon) instructional videos with quizzes.
To find out more about Compass Cards, please email Zeb.
If you would like to purchase Booklets, Compass Cards or Table Tops from my bridge shop, please email me directly.


My favourite student is the beginner, a blank slate with no (potentially dangerous) knowledge. The beginner course is the all-important one, setting the foundations, enticing the unsure player in, showing off the love of the game - rather than overcomplicating it and making it boring. It has to be fun. I have honed my beginner course over many years and now have an exciting new Beginner Bidding course with a Beginner Play course coming soon.

The Beginner Bidding course is an 8-lesson online course, with short videos followed by questions – as well as hints and tips along the way.  There are course sheets accompanying each lesson plus set deals (4 set deals per lesson) which you can either play online with three fellow beginners or play at home with friends using Compass Cards.  Each deal has a video explanation to watch online. If you are a complete beginner, there is also a free How to Play Bridge course which outlines the mechanics of the game, how to play, bridge jargon etc. - a starter before the main course. To sign up for free to Bridge128 and to find courses, explore at